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Installing a Shade Sail in Perth is a fantastic way to protect your home and family from the uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous heat of the sun, throughout our long hot summer. They are also perfect for adding shade and privacy to businesses and commercial properties. Our Shade Sails are fashionable, affordable and sure to add style to any building.

We will customise these brilliant shading solutions to suit your exact design needs: with a wide range of colours to choose from you can also ensure that it complements the style that you already have established. We can also adjust the size to suit your needs, and give you the choice of attaching the Shade Sail to an appropriate structure or to freestanding posts. Ultimately it is your home or business that will benefit from this product, so it is your design ideas that we listen to. Our experts can also offer advice on how it can best enhance your individual property.

So, what are the benefits of coming to us? We deliver some of the best Shade Sails Perth, and that’s because we know exactly what our clients our looking for. By using heavy duty fabrics and materials, we ensure that our products really do block out overwhelming heat and protect from UV rays, whilst also withstanding other adverse weather conditions. You will also benefit from a ten year warranty on fabrics.

Most importantly, all of our Shade Sails are designed to enhance the area where they’re built. This means that the structure will be designed so that freestanding posts are placed where they’re least intrusive, without compromising on the integrity or solidity of the structure. A well-integrated Shade Sail can add value to your property, and help you make the most of the summer heat.

Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements and offer an obligation free quote. With premium quality at affordable prices, we could have just the shading solution that you need!