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With their stylish finish, simple functionality and unique locking mechanisms, Ziptrak Blinds rea478lly do give you the best of everything. Ziptrak Blinds have been designed to eliminate the need for bulky strings, straps, pulleys and buckles, meaning that they are safer, tidier and far simpler to operate than many other traditional blinds. It will soar smoothly into place and lock in at multiple positions, with minimal effort from your or your family.

Although Ziptrak are famous for their unique locking system, they also offer many other fantastic features, making them perfect for any home or business. These outdoor blinds are made with a durable and attractive material which offers protection from high winds and UV rays. The high level of protection from many different adverse weather conditions means that Ziptrak blinds are absolutely ideal, any time you need outdoor blinds or café blinds in Perth. They can also help you improve the style of your home or business space, with a sleek and professional finish.

Outdoor blinds in Perth really are an essential item, offering you the chance to protect your family or customers from the glare of the harsh Australian sun – or the prying eye of a neighbour! We know how much these products mean to our customers, as they really become part of your home. This is why we offer a personal service which deals with your precise needs, designing a solution to fit them. Our goal is to offer the highest quality patio blinds, alfresco blinds and awnings at the fairest prices, and Ziptrak is just one of the fantastic shade solutions which allows us to do that.

So whether you want to improve your living space, boost your home value or make your business premises more appealing, why not put Ziptrak on the top of your list? You will be able to choose a colour which perfectly complements the décor you already have, and have the blinds fitted to whatever space you need. Our team are always happy to answer all your questions and talk to you about your design specifications, so give us a call any time to find out how we can help!