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The Straight Drop Crank Blind is a classic blind: beautiful, efficient and practical, it will keep you in the shade, and remain effective under adverse weather conditions such as extreme heat, rain and moderate to high winds. Outdoor blinds in Perth are an absolute essential if you want to get outside without burning under the heat, and the Straight Drop Crank Blind is both a reliable choice and a flexible one. Suitable for use in commercial spaces as well as at home, the blind is also fully retractable – which means you can still let the sun in for warmth throughout the winter.IMG_1122

These alfresco blinds are operated with a simple gearbox, and can be tensioned and locked off at various heights depending on your preference. This versatility is essential if you want your patio blinds to work for you all year round! We can make them to fill spaces of up to 5.8 metres, and each item will be tailor-made for your specific space.

Our ultimate desire is to give you a blind which doesn’t just work smoothly and simply on a practical level, but also enhances the aesthetics of your property. All of our outdoor blinds, including the Straight Drop Crank Blinds, are made with the finest quality materials. You can choose from a range of coloured meshes, ensuring that the end result looks just how you imagined it. We are experts in our field, and with passion and knowledge for the product we can really bring your design ideas to life.

Most importantly, we can help you to keep children, plants, animals and important items safe from heat and glare. We can also give your home or business the glamorous finish that will really impress friends, neighbours and customers. You can get in touch with us any time for an obligation free quote – just give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss whatever it is that you need to get that optimum shade.

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