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Want to get more shady space in your garden without sacrificing its overall aesthetics? Then roof-to-fence blinds may just be the right outdoor blinds Perth for you. This type of blind is the most adaptable outdoor shade solution as they are fully retractable. Unlike permanent roof structures, roof-to-fence blinds provide your house with full air circulation while acting as a barrier against the sun’s ray.IMG_0119

Our roof-to-fence blind system provides a shady extension from your house, alfresco, or patio to your fence or any other suitable structure. It has a built-in mechanism that will allow you to retract or roll out the blinds whenever you want. These retractable blinds will not only protect you and your family, it will also protect your pets and plants from the intense heat of the sun. During the winter months when you need natural heat, you can just simply retract the blinds to let the sun shine brightly to your house.