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Heavy Duty Channel Blinds

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Heavy-duty channel blinds are the best solution in areas with strong winds and blinding heat of the sun. They are used to enclose spaces like outdoor entertainment areas, carports, and verandahs. It is ideal for people who want to reduce the glaring effect of the sun’s rays, while enjoying the security it provides during rain and high winds. Regain the use of your functional spaces in spite of the weather.my pics work 109

Our heavy-duty channel blinds are easily operated using a crank handle, doing away with unattractive cord and pulley systems that often get in the way and can be dangerous around children. The blinds are secured by 316 marine grade stainless steel pins that lock the bottom bar to prevent the wind from blowing them around. It is an easy-to-use weather protection device that provides privacy and protection against nature’s elements. All our patio, and alfresco blinds are custom-fitted to adapt perfectly to your outdoor entertaining areas.

If you need an all-in solution against our harsh weather conditions whilst adding privacy and comfort, Modern Shade Solutions have just the right kind of outdoor blinds in perth to suit you.