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The Heavy Duty Channel Blind is one of the most secure and durable options for installing outdoor blinds in Perth. These will give you maximum protection against the kind of weather that can really stop you making the most of your outdoor spaces: high winds, rain, and the heat of the sun are no match for these patio blinds. With beautiful fabrics and a classic design, these blinds are also right on trend – making them a perfect choice for bringing style to your home, perhaps even boosting the property value.

The highly robust nature of this product makes it suitable for all kinds of properties, private or commercial. They can be used for protecting carports, outdoor seating areas or entertainment areas, or any other space that you need to protect from the elements. The Heavy Duty Channel Blind is a highly practical choice for café blinds or alfresco blinds in Perth. Its operation does away with the need for cumbersome strings and pulleys, which can take up space and look unnecessary – instead we use a crank handle which is both safer and simpler. Marine grade stainless steel pins are used to lock the bottom bar down, helping to secure your blinds against any gusts of wind.

We offer premium outdoor blinds such as the Heavy Duty Channel Blind at affordable prices. You can benefit from a large choice of fabrics, with a range of colours to help you pick something which matches your aesthetics. Your blinds will then be custom fitted to ensure that they complement the area they are fixed into, helping you make the most out of your home or business premises. You can consult with one of our experts to ensure that you get all of your wishes and requirements across before we get to work.

You don’t need to suffer the heat this summer; simply have a luxury blind installed and keep your family, friends or customers protected. We’re always happy to provide a no-obligations quote, so give us a ring today if you think we have what you need!

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