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We offer a number of different folding arm awnings, perfect for your home or business. From the tried-and-tested traditional mechanics of the ‘Klip’ and ‘Stein’ awnings to the beautiful simplicity of a ‘Kumo’ awning or the state-of-the-art luxury of a ‘Shan’ awning – our full collection really does offer something for everyone. The one thing that all these folding arm awnings have in common is deluxe fabric, and the promise to make an attractive addition to any home.

Our Klip awnings are perfect for fitting onto open style walls, while the Stein is more suitable for fixing under roof eaves. Both these traditional designs are affixed with high quality die cast steel brackets that can be colour matched to suit the design of your building. They are absolutely ideal for anybody who needs a classic awning which won’t break the bank.

Alternatively we have the Kumo folding arm awning, a simple yet sophisticated fixture which operates as a fully enclosed cassette – giving protection to the blind when it’s not in use. Perhaps the most luxurious product of them all, the Shan offers award winning design and optimum functionality. All four of our awning solutions are wind resistant, withstanding gusts of up to 50km/h, available with either a manual or a mechanical operating system, and very user friendly.

If you’re unsure of which system would be suitable for your needs then you can call us today to discuss the space that you need shaded. Our professionals will be able to discuss the design with you, and together you can come to a solution which is not only perfectly functional, but also an attractive addition to your property. With a personal, modern design you can really improve upon the value of your home or commercial space, and make it a far more appealing area for day to day use.

If folding arm awnings sound like just what you need, then you can get in touch today for a fair, obligation free quote. We treat all of our clients like partners, so if you do choose to work with us then you can rest assured that you will be consulted every step of the process.